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Crypto: What I Learned the Hard Way

In 2021, I completed and self published my first book.  The book was about my adventures in Crypto.

I started in Crypto in last 2017 and it has been a wild ride!!

When I talk to most about cryptocurrency, I often get back something like “Yeah, I have thought about getting into Crypto.  But, I wouldn’t know the first thing about how to get into it, or exactly what it is.”.

I completely understand.

In this book, I provide an introduction to Crypto.  I help the reader to understand Crypto “slang”.  And, I introduce them to the concepts they need to know in order to become familiar with why it was created and what Crypto can do for someone that is interested in dipping their toes into it.

I also go over the MANY scams that I’ve run across.  And, I explain why they are scams and what to look for so you don’t get taken advantage of by scammers.

I am in the process of converting the book into a product that I can release on Audible in the coming months.

For now, the book is available in E-Reader, Paperback, and Hardback.  You can find the book here:

Crypto: What I Learned The Hard Way

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